29 Jan 2013

Cook Islanders relieved Garry didn't make land

5:36 am on 29 January 2013

Cook Islanders are relieved as they clean up after Cyclone Garry passed through its waters over the weekend.

The northern and southern island groups suffered minimal damage from the storm that has now been downgraded, as it moves away from the island group.

The storm didn't make landfall but there was damage to some trees.

The owner of a resort on Aitutaki, Michael Henry, says many people and businesses are thankful.

"No this time we are very lucky Cyclone Garry passed through without any significant damage to the whole island. At my resort the next morning, our guests woke up to a nice sunny day and within a few hours the team had raked up all the rubbish and picked up the leaves and fallen coconuts, and you wouldn't had known there had been a storm."

Tamanu Beach Aitutaki resort owner, Michael Henry.

Prior to the Cook Islands, the cyclone had passed by Samoa and American Samoa, without making landfall.