29 Jan 2013

US Flying Doctors on Marshalls mission

12:33 pm on 29 January 2013

A team of more than 20 doctors, nurses and support staff from the Flying Doctors of America has opened its first clinic in the Marshall Islands capital, Majuro.

The President of the US-based organisation Dr Allan Gathercoal says the team saw hundreds of patients on the first day.

He says the group is breaking into smaller teams so that they will cover Ebeye, the second major urban center in the Marshalls, and five outer islands during the 12 days of the medical mission.

The Marshall Islands Ambassador to the US, Charles Paul, who is in Majuro accompanying the doctors, says in addition to donating its time, the group has brought medicine and other equipment needed for the mission to complement what Ministry of Health already has.

This is the first medical mission the Fly Doctors group has made to the Marshall Islands.