30 Jan 2013

Strong wind advisory issued in American Samoa

11:12 am on 30 January 2013

A strong wind advisory has been issued for all of American Samoa.

Residents are reporting fallen trees, fruits and a lot of flying debris as a result of strong winds whipping through the territory.

Many say the wind conditions are much stronger than those experienced during cyclone Evan and Garry.

Meteorologist Carol Baqui says there is an active trough that is causing these strong winds.

She says wind speeds as high as 74kpms have been recorded and overnight winds are expected to reach at least 80 kpms.

"It's going to be pretty windy overnight into Tuesday morning and this weather conditions in expected to remain over the Samoa islands during the next 12 to 24 hours."

Carol Baqui says people should secure loose items around homes and property and that caution should also be taken when driving along coastal and mountainous areas.