30 Jan 2013

France denies Moruroa building claim

12:33 pm on 30 January 2013

The French High Commission and the French military in French Polynesia have denied that there is any construction work being done on Moruroa atoll, which France used to test its nuclear weapons.

This comes shortly after the ruling Tavini Huiraatira said it had confirmation from various sources that work had been underway for several weeks to construct a bunkerlike building on the atoll.

There has been no independent assessment of the situation on Moruroa, which has remained a military no-go zone, 17 years after the last test.

The French High Commission says a media conference will be held later this week about the rehabilitation work on the former weapons test sites.

Moruroa was excised from French Polynesia in 1964 for the nuclear tests which were conducted between 1966 and 1996.