31 Jan 2013

Dry spell prompts water restrictions in Marshalls

2:33 pm on 31 January 2013

Water restrictions are now in place in the Marshall Islands capital, Majuro, after continued dry weather.

It hasn't rained for almost a week, and the main reservoir is now down to 10 million gallons or about seven to eight days supply.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says US weather officials in Guam have issued an advisory for the northern Marshall Islands not to expect any relief in the next few days and to prepare accordingly.

He says water restrictions are in force in the capital.

"In Majuro, water is now being restricted by the government utility down from eight hours a day five days a week to two hours, twice a week, so yes, we have gone into drought water rationing, that's for sure."

Giff Johnson says most of those living in the outer islands have their own water systems but he says if things get worse, the government will ship water to the outer islands.

He says 90 percent of fresh water in the Marshall Islands comes from the rain.