6 Feb 2013

Ratu Epeli says Fiji's Alliance Party to wind up due to "daunting" rules

1:33 pm on 6 February 2013

The founder of Fiji's National Alliance Party, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says the party will not be re-registering.

Fiji's sixteen political parties have until next Thursday to re register under new rules or face stiff penalties.

Ratu Epeli, who resigned from his ministerial post with the interim government two years ago, says the Alliance Party has not been functional for at least six years.

"The requirements in the decree are quite specific and for a small party, especially the Alliance Party, being a small and new party, it's quite daunting to try and fulfill all the requirements within the 28 days time frame."

Ratu Epeli says he has not given any more thought to forming a new party after the deadline but he has not ruled out joining another political party, although he says he is resigned to staying out of politics for the time being.

The former military commander and chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs says if he is asked to join the Constituent Assembly which is to debate the new constitution, he would give it some thought.

The National Alliance Party joins the SDL and United People's parties in winding up, although the SDL is to reform under a new name.