9 Feb 2013

French Polynesia decolonisation on UN agenda, says Temaru

9:06 am on 9 February 2013

The French Polynesian President, Oscar Temaru, has announced that his government's resolution to re-inscribe French Polynesia on the UN decolonisation list has been lodged with the secretariat the UN General Assembly.

Mr Temaru has told the local assembly that he received a phone call from New York Friday morning that the resolution to that end will be on the General Assembly's agenda when it meets from February the 22nd to the middle of March.

He says the resolution has been submitted for consideration by three countries, whose names he says he will disclose later.

Mr Temaru was in New York in December and again in January to lobby members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

There is moderate regional support for Mr Temaru's initiative, with Australia and New Zealand siding with Paris in opposing it.

Territories on the UN list include New Caledonia and Tokelau.