11 Feb 2013

Common themes run through documentary film festival in French Polynesia

5:13 am on 11 February 2013

Organisers of the Pacific International Documentary Film Festival in French Polynesia say the environment, human rights and nature are common themes among this year's entries.

The tenth annual festival is being held in Tahiti this week and will showcase more than 39 documentaries.

A festival organiser Eliane Koller says the film makers have a message to convey and believes many of them share the same concerns.

"There are two films that treat the subject of repatriation of Oceanian sacred objects. Then we have stories of the Aboriginals. We have a story of New Caledonia because it used to be a prison, so there is some history rolled up. We have two films about nuclear testing in French Polynesia, which is still a big polemic here and hardly spoken about."

Eliane Koller says the festival has grown and is attracting more foreign visitors.

The Australian movie 'Murundak, Songs of Freedom' won the top prize last year.