11 Feb 2013

Fiji union leader says international community should speak up over political parties decree

12:20 pm on 11 February 2013

A Fiji union leader Attar Singh says the international community should speak up over the Fiji regime's new decree governing political parties.

The rules require existing political parties to re-register under new criteria including a membership base of five thousand and a ban on union officials holding party posts.

Mr Singh says the decree means there may be no political parties in Fiji after Thursday as the regime may refuse to register them.

He says the international community has made a commitment to seeing democracy restored in Fiji and it should be concerned.

"What is needed is for the international community to look at the decree fully and to take a position as to whether a decree of this sort, which violates people's right to participation, including the rights of trade unions, whether this is something that they think is acceptable. I don't think it is acceptable and I'm calling on the international community to say more."

Fiji union leader Attar Singh, who stepped down from the National Federation Party at the weekend.