13 Feb 2013

Kiribati MP says Radio Kiribati story inaccurate

12:39 pm on 13 February 2013

A Kiribati parliamentarian says a Radio Kiribati journalist misreported an incident involving a school girl who was arrested for underage drinking.

Alexander Teabo says elders of Butaritari, who were upset by the story, advised him to take the issue up with government.

He says he moved a motion in parliament asking the government to liaise with the broadcaster and to publish news that is accurate and factual.

"The story was not very true because the incident the reporter has said the young girl from Butaritari, she went out drinking with the Korean crew. That's not the real story because the incident happened before the arrival of the Korean vessel."

Radio Kiribati says the journalist, Rikamati Naare, wrote the story based on information conveyed by the officer in charge of the local police station.

It says Mr Naare was given unspecified punishment but was not suspended.