15 Feb 2013

Hundreds march over violence against women in Fiji campaign

5:16 am on 15 February 2013

The organiser of a campaign to stop violence against women in Fiji says 500 women marched in the street as part of yesterday's One Billion Rising event.

This year is the first time the Pacific, a region with the world's highest domestic and sexual violence statistics, has been involved in the two-year-old campaign.

Recent figures from Fiji show that 64 percent of women have experienced violence in an intimate relationship, higher than the global average of one in three.

Roshika Deo says government departments must prioritise the prevention of violence against women.

"In fact whilst we were doing the march and the procession we found out that again another baby had been raped and it was reported. There has to be outrage, people have to stop being complacent and we have to do something. We cannot let the war on girls and women continue in this manner."

Roshika Deo says the rules imposed by the interim government on public gatherings made it unnecessarily difficult to organise the march.