15 Feb 2013

Former Fiji PM busy while awaiting party registration

1:13 pm on 15 February 2013

A former Fiji Prime Minister says he has plenty to occupy his time as the interim government's Political Parties Registration Decree has shut down his party.

Mahendra Chaudhry led the Fiji Labour Party until it ceased to exist last night.

The party applied for re-registration in line with the regime's decree.

Two days ago, the party also filed a court case challenging the decree on the grounds that it detracts from the universally accepted principles and values of democracy and human rights.

Mr Chaudhry says while the registrar considers the application, it is business as usual for him.

"Meeting with people, seeing how they're doing on the ground. There are a lot of problems here, problems of poverty, unemployment, high inflation, problems with rule of law, a lot of problems that people face. And on an individual basis, they look upon me and others who are leaders in the community to help them out. So there's a lot to occupy our attention."

Mahendra Chaudhry says he hopes the registrar's decision on political party applications will not be prolonged.