18 Feb 2013

Honiara police sent to control delay-related violence in tsunami-hit Solomons' province

4:12 pm on 18 February 2013

Extra police officers have been sent to the capital of the Solomon Islands province hit by a magnitude eight earthquake and subsequent tsunami 12 days ago.

Thousands of people remain displaced following the event, which killed at least 10 people on the main Santa Cruz island of Ndende in Temotu province and has been followed by hundreds of aftershocks.

A ship carrying more relief items landed at Lata on Saturday and our correspondent says the authorities are running out of storage space.

George West says the various agencies involved seem to be struggling to make decisions about how to distribute the goods and there is mounting dissatisfaction over the resultant delays.

"Over the weekend more police reinforcements were brought in from Honiara because actually last week there was a failed attempt by a petrol bomber to bomb the police station here but he was foiled just in front of the police station and police removed a container of petrol and a lighter from him and locked him up."

George West says in another incident a crowd of people broke into the Lata Care Centre demanding supplies.