19 Feb 2013

Fiji workers determined to set up political movement despite Fiji regime's latest rules

5:47 pm on 19 February 2013

The National Secretary of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Felix Anthony, says the Fiji regime's latest changes to its rules for political parties will not deter workers from setting up their own political movement.

The interim government has tightened further union involvement in political parties under an amendment to the month-old Political Parties Decree.

Mr Anthony recently defected from the Labour Party and announced he would be involved in a new political grouping but he says the changes mean anyone employed by a union is now prevented from involvement in a political party.

Mr Anthony says the amendments also shut down the media from reporting on political parties, and mean no existing party will be able to register.

"What is disturbing is a trend where decrees are issued and the parties have tried to work within the decree to seek registration and when they are able to do so, then the goal post is changed and new rules come into play which makes it almost impossible for these parties to meet the new requirements."

But Felix Anthony says there are plenty of people keen to form the new political movement he's involved with and which has yet to apply for registration.

The interim government has declined to comment to Radio New Zealand International on the latest amendment.