12 Mar 2013

Proposed new party in Fiji unconcerned at resignation of registar of political parties

11:05 am on 12 March 2013

The proposed National Youth Party in Fiji says it is not concerned at the resignation of the registrar of political parties.

The registrar Mere Vuniwaqa resigned on Friday - the day her office was expected to announce which parties, if any, had been successfully re-registered under the regime's political parties decree.

The leader of the proposed National Youth Party, Nayagodamu Korovou says he believes recent complaints from the public about alleged fraudulent practices used in collecting signatures have discredited the proposed parties that have applied to be re-registered.

"We are not very much concerned because we know that those three political parties that already put in their applications for re-registration, they do not meet the criteria to be re-registered as a political party according to the two decrees that were put out by the government."

Nayagodamu Korovou from the proposed National Youth Party.

According to the government a new acting chief registrar Yohan Liyanage, who is a Sri Lankan citizen, was sworn in on Monday to replace Mohammed Saneem, who has assumed Ms Vuniwaqa's former role.