13 Mar 2013

Fiji's proposed SODELPA party registration 'spot on' so far

2:40 pm on 13 March 2013

A member of the proposed SODELPA party in Fiji, Dr Tupeni Baba, says he was happy to see the group's application for political party registration published in the Fiji Sun yesterday.

The new grouping was formed after the once ruling SDL was wound up because of the Fiji regime's new restrictions on political parties.

Dr Baba earlier expressed concern the regime was delaying the constitution process and using party registration issues as an excuse.

The regime has decreed a timeline for objections and Dr Baba says it is important to monitor the application process.

"It came out in the paper ... spot on. I have no doubt that was set in place by the former registrar. We expect this to go on for seven days and then at the end of that we will hear the objections and then we'll be given another seven days to respond to the objections."

Dr Baba says the group expects to hear whether its application has been successful by March the 28th.