13 Mar 2013

Fiji labels NZ call to condemn torture absurd

6:43 pm on 13 March 2013

The Fiji foreign minister has rejected a call by the New Zealand parliament for Fiji to publicly condemn the use of torture.

This comes after a nine-minute video was posted online last week, showing the abuse and beating of two tied-up men by what the Fiji government calls Fijian security personnel.

The minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, says an investigation has been launched and Fiji will deal with its internal and domestic challenges as and when it deems necessary.

Ratu Inoke says to move a motion in parliament to denounce the incident is absurd, adding that he is sure the New Zealand parliament has more pressing issues to deal with than political rhetoric.

He says the New Zealand parliament should now also file a motion to condemn the alleged death of a 27-year old Mozambican who resisted arrest in South Africa.

The beating in Fiji has also been condemned by the United Nations and Amnesty International.