19 Mar 2013

Anxious wait ahead for Fiji's proposed National Federation Party

12:27 pm on 19 March 2013

One of those applying to re-register Fiji's National Federation Party says there is an anxious wait ahead as the group nears the end of the objection period.

The NFP had to reregister more than a month ago, under the Fiji regime's changed rules for political parties.

The registrar said it would be about mid March before the parties concerned would know if they had been successful.

An applicant, Raman Singh, says after the NFP's application was gazetted earlier this month, his group has since been asked to clarify how it signed up the decreed 5,000 members.

Mr Singh says because the decree does not specify a time limit for final approval, there could be an anxious wait ahead.

"I'd just like to say that the clarifications are easy enough for us to clarify and we are in the process of replying to them and at the moment we don't have any objection to the timetable but would anxiously wait for the decision after the objection period is over."

Raman Singh of the proposed National Federation Party