20 Mar 2013

Concern over Vanuatu policy on West Papua looms as key factor in confidence motion

8:09 am on 20 March 2013

Concern over the government's policy on West Papua is galvanising support for parliamentary moves to remove the Sato Kilman-led government

The Prime Minister is facing another motion of no-confidence tomorrow.

The opposition lodged the motion last week despite appearing to have the support of only 16 members in the 52-seat parliament.

However our correspondent says concern over Mr Kilman's move to forge closer ties with Indonesia appears to be a key issue behind dissatisfaction within the government.

But Len Garae says Mr Kilman has defended his support for Indonesian involvement in the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

"He commented to the effect that if one wants to tame a lion, then you have to allow the lion to come close in order to tame the lion. He seems to be saying that the only way to bring Indonesia to the negotiating table is to let them come as close as possible to the MSG."