20 Mar 2013

American Samoa island of Manu'a without sea transport

4:26 pm on 20 March 2013

The American Samoa outer islands of Manu'a are without sea transport link and it is not clear when it will return.

The MV Sili damaged its propellers and rudders when a rogue wave caused the ship to scrape along the sea floor as it was leaving the Faleasao harbour on March the 8th.

The ship is now in Pago Pago awaiting repairs but the government shipyard is fully booked, with vessels already scheduled to be serviced.

The head of the Coast Guard Safety Detachment Unit, Lieutenant Eric Runyon, says he understands that the earliest the MV Sili will be able to be repaired is early April.

The Governor is reportedly trying to move that date forward so the Manu'as will be able to have regular sea transportation again.