21 Mar 2013

Solomons tsunami refugees' urgent need for land for new homes

2:21 pm on 21 March 2013

The premier of the Solomon Islands province hit by a magnitude eight earthquake and tsunami six weeks ago is calling on the government and landowners to make land for new homes available.

Father Charles Brown Beu says more than one hundred people are living in tents and under tarpaulins in the centre of the provincial capital, Lata, because they are too afraid to return to the land by the sea.

He says those people are having to get by without water and toilets.

"One of my problems now is to find land for their resettlement. Much of the government land has already been taken up but to have a village right in the middle of town doesn't look good to me so they need to be rehabilitated and government should be able to find some land. My problem is money but I can talk to people who own land and say, what about assisting these people, they are only our wantoks and at least they contribute a lot to the economy of Temotu province."

The Temotu province premier, Father Charles Brown Beu.