22 Mar 2013

Proposed SODELPA party to challenge Fiji government on new draft

4:07 pm on 22 March 2013

A member of the proposed SODELPA party in Fiji says it will challenge the government on its constitution process.

The government has released a draft document and invited the public to give its opinions on it directly to the regime over two weeks.

Dr Tupeni Baba says the announcement is not acceptable and believes it is a tactic by the regime to extend the power of the military.

He says the provisions of the government's draft will give it power leading up to next year's planned election.

"They are saying they will give us a month and they will conduct seminars and discussions all over the country. We'll take them on that first and see if they're serious. But of course who will make the final decision? We must be seen to be taking them on. And that's in a democracy, that's an acceptable way. I think the people of Fiji were deluded to believe they were already in a transition stage to democracy. They are not. They're clearly in a dictatorship."

Dr Tupeni Baba says the proposed SODELPA party hopes to meet the registrar of political parties, with the intention of becoming registered.