22 Mar 2013

Le Pen opposes Tahiti's decolonisation bid

5:02 pm on 22 March 2013

The leader of France's National Front, Marine Le Pen, has described French Polynesia's decolonisation bid as Oscar Temaru's attempt to hide his government's poor economic record.

Speaking to media in Tahiti, Ms Le Pen said independence would entail misery and economic collapse.

She has been critical of Mr Temaru's policies, warning against Mr Temaru's engagement with Chinese business interests which she describes as a serious mistake.

Ms Le Pen has also been to New Caledonia on her tour of overseas territories, which in part is to rally support for her party ahead of next year's French municipal election.

In Tahiti, the National Front has had a small following, with its candidate in the last election, Eric Minardi, being ineligible for this year's elections because of irregularities in his campaign account.