23 Mar 2013

Ham Lini steps in as Vanuatu's acting prime minister

9:31 am on 23 March 2013

Ham Lini is now Vanuatu's acting prime minister.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, resigned before the opposition's vote of no confidence could be held.

The Speaker, George Wells, then adjourned the sitting and announced an extra-ordinary session for next Friday, when the election of a new prime minister would be held.

The opposition then asked the Supreme court late yesterday to order that parliament be reconvened to elect a Prime Minister as soon as possible.

Reports in Vanuatu say the Speaker however treated the opposition's motion as a complaint referred to the leader of the Council of Ministers and therefore the deputy prime minister, Ham Lini, could step in as acting prime minister.

Meanwhile, there was no court ruling for a resumption of the ordinary sitting or the calling of a new one, other than the planned Good Friday sitting already announced.