25 Mar 2013

New Tonga paper to focus on climate change and women

10:14 am on 25 March 2013

The editor of a newly launched newspaper in Tonga says he hopes the bi-monthly publication will act as an educational tool on important social issues affecting people in the Kingdom.

Iliesa Tora says the free paper called Kaivai is part of a new company, Drua PR based in Nuku'alofa.

He says the paper will focus on four areas of interest being neglected by other papers - tourism, climate change, women and non communicable diseases.

"And using the newspaper as a medium to inform members of the public, the people of Tonga, about these very important issues because we see that papers, the local papers here, do not focus on these issues a lot and we felt that it was something that we should step in and provide for the people of Tonga."

Iliesa Tora says the paper is available all over Tongatapu and it will be shipped to the outer islands this week, with a likely website running next month.