25 Mar 2013

Solomon Islands government taking union to court over teacher strike

12:40 pm on 25 March 2013

The Solomon Islands government says it will take legal action against the National Teachers Association, or SINTA, over what it considers an illegal strike by teachers.

The strike was called last Friday because relevelling pay was not paid as promised.

The association's President, Samson Faisi, says a strike is the only way for teachers to get their message across because the government hasn't been listening to them for the past two months.

But the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Fred Rohorua, says the government has paid the teachers.

He says the government accepts no responsibiltiy for the strikes and the delay in payments is due to administrative errors.

He says SINTA's actions are illegal.

"In the meantime government has decided that enough is enough, and we're going to take legal action and see what happens afterwards. But that's to be done by the attorney general chambers."

Mr Rohorua is urging teachers to return to work for the sake of the children.