27 Mar 2013

New Vanuatu govt signals more terminations of diplomatic appointments

7:37 am on 27 March 2013

Vanuatu's new Minister of Foreign Affairs has indicated that most diplomatic appointments made by the previous government will be withdrawn.

The revelation comes after Edward Natapei terminated the role of Ti Tam Goiset as roving ambassador to Russia and Eastern countries, citing irregularities in her appointment.

After the removal of Sato Kilman as Prime Minister last week, the new government moved quickly to review Vanuatu's diplomatic passport holders.

Mr Natapei, who is also deputy Prime Minister, says he directed the Director-General of Foreign Affairs to go through the list of diplomatic appointments and withdraw any made outside the proper channels.

"The outgoing government appointed around 99 ambassadors, special envoys, representatives of Vanuatu in international bodies and ambassadors to other countries. So of the 99 I think that we will be terminating or withdrawing about 70 in total."

Vanuatu's new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edward Natapei.