27 Mar 2013

Vanuatu opposition defends no-confidence motion

2:40 pm on 27 March 2013

The Vanuatu opposition says it is justified in bringing a motion of no confidence in the new government despite its resounding loss in a parliamentary vote just last Saturday.

On Saturday Moana Carcasses Kalosil became prime minister and installed a new government following the resignation two days earlier of Sato Kilman.

The opposition MP Kal Moli says they have the backing of 23 of the 52 MPs and expect commitments from from 4 others now with the Carcasses administration.

He says some MPs are unhappy with the way portfolios have been distributed.

And Mr Moli says the new government has created ministries that are not budgetted for.

"That is why we think it is proper that the Vanuatu government get back to doing its real business which is to govern for the people rather than to cater for ministries that are not budgetted for. Therefore to put this thing back into perspective, the democratic processes in Vanuatu give us a road map which you can follow and that is through a motion of no confidence."