28 Mar 2013

Fiji constitution amendments will require referendum

2:43 pm on 28 March 2013

Any amendments to Fiji's new constitution will have to be approved by a majority of registered voters and parliament.

This is a major proposal in the government's draft constitution which says if a bill for an amendment is passed by three quarters of the members of parliament, then the Electoral Commission will conduct a referendum for all registered voters on the matter.

Fiji Village reports that if three quarters of registered voters who participate in the process vote in favour of the bill, then the President must assent to it.

But under the government's draft constitution this will not apply to immunity provisions for those involved in coups dating back to 1990.

The draft states that the immunity provision should not be reviewed, amended, altered, repealed or revoked.

It also says no challenge can be made in any court or tribunal to the validity or legality of any promulgation or decree which has come into force since the coup in December 2006.