3 Apr 2013

American Samoa's Senate approve amended version of supplemental bill

10:59 am on 3 April 2013

The American Samoa Senate approved yesterday in final reading its amended version of the Administration's 5 million US dollar supplemental bill.

The House of Representatives approved last Thursday its version of the bill, without amendments and it was introduced in the Senate yesterday.

At this point, it's unclear how the Senate and House will act on each other's version. The Senate version is expected to be introduced in the House today.

The Senate amendment re-allocates 100,000 dollars to the MV Sili for repairs. The Senate cut 50,000 dollars each from two programs for this new expenditure.

The MV Sili suffered damages to its propellers and rudders while at the Faleasao Wharf in the Manu'a Island group last month.