4 Apr 2013

Samoa MP suggests exporting dog meat

7:01 am on 4 April 2013

A member of parliament in Samoa has asked the government to look at using dog meat for animal feed or even exporting it, as politicians try to address the stray dog problem.

Tole'afoa Apulu Fa'afisi raised the idea in parliament during a discussion of the Canine Control Bill, which if passed into law will require all dogs to be licenced.

Tole'afoa says there are a number of stray dogs wandering the streets and it's not good for tourism.

He says if stray dogs are going to put down anyway, the government should look at ways of making money out of it.

"When we're talking about wasting dogs' meat so why can't we see on the other side of the coin whether we will do something useful with the meat of the dog. Can we make say like fish food, a number of things, where we can get money from the dogs."

Tole'afoa Apulu Fa'afisi says stray dogs could also be used for racing.