5 Apr 2013

Northern Marianas develops action plan in case of attack

4:32 pm on 5 April 2013

The Governor of the Northern Marianas, Eloy Inos, says the territory is developing a plan of action in case the CNMI is attacked.

This comes as North Korea increases threats to attack US military bases on Guam, the territory's closest neighbour, as well as Hawaii and the US mainland.

Our correspondent in the CNMI says officials in Saipan have welcomed the Pentagon's announcement that it is sending a missile defence system to protect Guam.

The Northern Marianas' US congressman, Gregorio Kilili Sablan, says such a deployment shows that the United States is commited to defending the region, while the Senate Leader Ray Yumul, says that while he is concerned about North Korea's threats, he has faith in the US military.