8 Apr 2013

Group for gay Fiji students calls of discussuion on same-sex marriage

5:18 am on 8 April 2013

A support group representing gay students in Fiji says if the issue of same sex marriage is not discussed, it will further marginalise the gay community.

Both the Samoa and Fiji Prime Ministers have recently stated they are not willing to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage, because it is against religious beliefs.

But the Drodrolagi Movement, which is a support network of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students, says not talking about it promotes more homophobia and transphobia.

DroMo says the political motivation to speak about the issue of same sex marriage has been to speak against it, and in doing so a significant proportion of the population face stigma, violence and discrimination.

It says there are many who support marriage equality, though they may be a minority.

DroMo says rejecting marriage equality due to religious beliefs contradicts the human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination and does not augur well for Fiji which aspires to be a secular democracy.