8 Apr 2013

FSM sets up migrant resource centre

5:18 am on 8 April 2013

A Migrant Resource Centre has been set up to help micronesians better integrate and access services when they move to live and work in the USA.

The center, based in Pohnpei, will train people before they migrate about accessing medical and health services, legal services, what to expect when applying for jobs, rental agreements and driving laws.

It will also raise awareness of human trafficking in the region.

The center is a joint effort between FSM, the Pohnpei State Government and the International Organisation for Migration.

Its chief of mission, Ashley Carl, says the information being provided has been generally lacking in micronesian migrants, as there is a wrong assumption that FSM is like another state of America.

"Some of the services that are generally available to migrants coming in from various other parts of the world, particularly into the US, have not necessarily been provided to micronesian nationals. So it was decided this type of service should be provided to micronesians as well just to ensure a smoother integration into their host communities."