8 Apr 2013

French Polynesia opposition challenges rival politican's eligibility

5:16 am on 8 April 2013

French Polynesia's opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira has launched a fresh bid to challenge the eligibility of a key rival pro-autonomy politician in this month's territorial election.

Teva Rohfritsch, who has returned to politics as the leader of the newly formed A Tia Porinetia Party, is accused of not being properly registered as a resident of his electorate.

A first challenge was rejected but the Tahoeraa says this was due to a formality and has not addressed the substance of its complaint.

Mr Rohfritsch was first a minister when he belonged to the Tahoeraa and was later part of the executive of Gaston Tong Sang of the To Tatou Aia after their coalition crumbled.

He was sacked by Mr Tong Sang and left the assembly two years ago but has returned to politics this year in charge of a group that includes remnants of Mr Tong Sang's party.

The territorial election will involve two rounds of voting, with polling in two and four weeks.