9 Apr 2013

Fiji police say brutal video probe internal so comment is unlikely

4:41 am on 9 April 2013

Fiji's police say the investigation into the brutal video that emerged a month ago is an internal one and they might not comment publicly at all.

The nine-minute recording released on the internet earlier this month shows a group of men abusing two others which police suspect to be recaptured prisoners.

The beatings sparked calls for an independent investigation, and the Government later announced that several corrections officers were sacked.

Although the Police spokesperson Atunaisa Sokomuri had said information might be released before Easter, the Police Director of Operations Rusiate Tudravu is now tight-lipped.

"The investigation is going on, I cannot divulge any other information in regards to that. I don't have to report that to the media if I want to, that is my prerogative. I will just state now all these things are under investigation, that is all I can say."

The Police Director of Operations Rusiate Tudravu.