10 Apr 2013

Bougainville police minister calls for more funds from PNG

3:12 pm on 10 April 2013

The acting president of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Patrick Nisira, says he is trying to lobby both his government and the national government of Papua New Guinea for more funding to assist the Bougainville police force.

Mr Nisira is also the minister of police and says he is deeply concerned about recent sorcery-related killings in the region and believes it is getting worse.

He says it is difficult for the police to get a handle on the situation because the force lacks manpower, vehicles, arms and communication equipment.

Mr Nisira says he will try to convince both governments that law and order is an 'impact' project.

"The best thing that I can do for them for my men is to lobby for more funding from the national government and the ABG. Unfortunately there are some politicians in Bougainville and the national government they don't see policing as an impact project and I'm trying my best to convince both governments to understand that law and order is an impact project."

Patrick Nisira says the perpetrators of last week's brutal killing of a woman leader in south Bougainville, are still at large.