10 Apr 2013

Bougainville police minister questions motive behind sorcery killing

6:46 pm on 10 April 2013

The acting president of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, Patrick Nisira, is questioning the real motive behind a recent sorcery related killing.

Last week a women leader Helen Rumbali was brutally killed in south Bougainville and her village attacked.

The perpetrators had accused Mrs Rumbali of sorcery but some protestors involved in a march on Monday, were told the attackers were driven by jealousy of the Rumbali family.

Patrick Nisira, who is also the minister of police, has the same concerns.

"The family they're all educated, the family's well-off I think there must be another motive. The lady and the man who are actually accused of practicing sorcery are still alive that's why we begin to question it. Why are the main people accused still alive and why was Mrs Rumbali killed."

Patrick Nisira says when police arrived at the village where a number of houses had been torched, they were confronted by offenders who had more guns than they did.

He is lobbying both his government and the national government for better police resources.