11 Apr 2013

Vanuatu Prime Minister's 100 day action list looks to reduce wasteful practices

11:05 am on 11 April 2013

Vanuatu's Prime Minister Moana Carcasses has announced a list of measures to be completed within his coalition's first 100 days in office.

The extensive list includes moves towards political reform and greater accountability in public finance and economic management.

Johnny Blades reports:

"Moana Carcasses had already begun implementing some of these measures before the announcement. They include realignment of some government departments for better service delivery, the removal of the Civil Aviation Ministry and the creation of a new Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation. A policy to encourage recycling and waste reduction might be seen alongside measures aiming to cut wasteful public expenditure and frivolous use of state resources by political leaders and public servants. A number of audits have been flagged into the Hong Kong-based Permanent Residency scheme and the system of diplomatic appointments among other areas. The Prime Minister has also signalled new policies to reserve for locals 51% of joint ventures with foreign investments. He also wants to reserve the wholesale and retail sector for ni-Vanuatu. Land reform is on the cards as is political reform with wide-ranging consultations to begin on amending the constitution in a bid to end the political instability of recent years."