11 Apr 2013

Solomons struggles to cope with dengue outbreak

1:19 pm on 11 April 2013

The Ministry of Health in Solomon Islands has asked the government to provide more resources to cope with the outbreak of dengue fever.

The ministry says the figures are growing, with almost 600 confirmed cases and three reported deaths.

The government has arranged for a team of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and logistics officers from Australia and New Zealand who are now assisting the health ministry.

The Permanent Secretary for health, Dr Lester Ross, says more testing equipment and medicinal drugs are needed.

"We have submitted a contingency warrant to the Ministry of Finance seeking for a whole lot of resources that are needed for the outbreak, so definitely it has an impact, impinge on the resources for this year and we have to look for resources somewhere to continue the normal routine services."

Dr Lester Ross says the health ministry has asked Taiwan to help supply lab and medical equipment.