12 Apr 2013

New Zealand dialogue on marine protection inspirational for others in Pacific

4:38 pm on 12 April 2013

A director for the environmental organisation Pew says other Pacific Island countries are drawing inspiration from the New Zealand model of dialogue over marine conservation.

This week Pew Environment Group's Kermadec Initiative has been hosting a delegation from Rapa Nui, French Polynesia and Chile looking at how to protect their ocean resources.

The Initiative's Bronwen Golder says although New Zealand has not been very successful at protecting its marine environment it does have an active and engaging conversation across all sectors of society about the future of that environment.

"What these groups are seeing here is the participation of the navy, the department of conservation, iwi, scientists, communities in the marine discussion. Hopefully in New Zealand we can translate that into marine protection and that's what our friends from French Polynesia and Rapa Nui and Chile are looking for too."

The director of the Kermadec Initiative, Bronwen Golder.