15 Apr 2013

New cold store improves American Samoa fishing sector

2:14 pm on 15 April 2013

The American Samoa Government says it hopes a new cold store facility for fisheries will springboard badly needed economic development in the territory.

A 5,000 metric ton fish freezer was opened at the Tri Marine International tuna cannery in Satala on Friday.

Tri Marine's chairman Renato Curto says the investment signals the company's commitment to American Samoa.

He says the freezer will allow efficiency in delivering tuna as well as preserving stocks.

"This is the first step to producing good tuna. You bring the tuna good from the ocean you keep it good you keep it frozen. And this is a very efficient way of preserving the volume of fish and this is what we are all about."

Renato Curto says the freezer is a state of the art building and the heart of any tuna canning operation.