16 Apr 2013

Study finds Samoan women live longer than Samoan men

8:19 am on 16 April 2013

Samoan women are living a lot longer than Samoan men according to a study conducted by Samoa's Ministry of Health.

It shows that many women are reaching 80 while the majority of men struggle to reach 60.

A consultant specialist at Public Health, Dr Take Naseri, says many health campaigns target women and children while men are being ignored.

Dr Naseri says most men are dying in their mid sixties while others are struggling to even reach 60.

Dr Naseri says men tend to expose themselves to more health risks, they tend to be heavier drinkers and smoke more than women.

And he says men do heavy work and even when they have injuries they still continue to work in order to provide for their families.

The Health Ministry held recently its first Men's Health forum last week to educate men about health issues and to get them to pay more attention to their health and wellbeing.