20 Apr 2013

Villagers in Fiji's northern province shocked by death of high chief

9:05 am on 20 April 2013

People in Fiji's northern province of Macuata are said be shocked from the sudden death of their high chief.

Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere died at sea early Friday morning.

Sally Round reports from Fiji

"The death of Tui Macuata has caused front page headlines in the country. The 57 year-old paramount chief was on a fishing with his cousin and nephew, when the chief's speedboat reportedly capzised in the early hours of the morning. Reports say while his relations managed to swim to safety and were picked up by a fisherman. The chief was unable to keep up and his body was later found floating near a reef. Naduri villagers crowded the rivers edge as the body of their chief, who was a prominent Labasa businessman was brought to shore. The village has started their mourning period and preparations for a funeral, which is expected to bring together chiefs and government leaders."