22 Apr 2013

Senator says there's progress in Guam in maintaining Chamorro culture

7:08 pm on 22 April 2013

A Guam senator says the government is making progress in maintaining the culture of the indigenous Chamorros people.

Thomas Morrison, who is a Republican, says the planned US military build-up on Guam is just the latest in a long history of challenges for the survival of the Chamorros culture.

He says the history has spanned various eras when colonialism and war meant devastation for Guam's indigenous communities.

However Senator Morrison, who believes the build-up will provide much-needed economic development in Guam, says his government is interested in protecting Chamorros identity.

"Even in our educational institutions now, it is mandatory that the language be taught in the schools. Now it's also a degreee programme in the University of Guam. So the government of Guam has made great strides to revive not only a language but to pay close attention to what makes Guam special for our Chamorro people."

Thomas Morrison