22 Apr 2013

Growing outrage in PNG at violence against women

6:25 pm on 22 April 2013

A former cabinet minister in Papua New Guinea says locals are expressing their outrage at increased crimes of rape and violence against women and want more done to address the issue.

In the latest incident an American academic was gang raped and went public with her story to raise awareness.

Former cabinet minister, Dame Carol Kidu, says solutions must go further than just changing legislation.

"We've got to be moving at community level, and not just say what are the politicians doing about it. I've been a politician and I know how hard it is we have got to work in partnership, politicians, civil society, bureaucracy, police, everyone, and really try to take ownership of this problem."

Dame Carol Kidu says many people are appalled at last week's brutal murder of an Australian expatriate, whose female colleague was gang raped, as well as incidents involving women being burned or decapitated for allegedly being sorcerers.

She says some people are planning protests and others want past cases in which no one was held to account to be re-opened.