23 Apr 2013

Hawaii teachers to get performance-based pay

3:27 pm on 23 April 2013

The Department of Education of the state of Hawaii is to bring in performance-based pay and an annual evaluation system for public school teachers over the next four years.

About 95 percent of the state's 13,000 teachers voted in favor of new contract terms last week, which included an acceptance of performance based pay..

The deal, which has taken two years to negotiate, also includes the restoration of a five-percent pay cut plus a three-percent pay rise, with further three percent annual pay rises.

The Department's communications manager, Donalyn Dela Cruz, says it is a significant move ahead.

"This contract provides opportunities for annual pay increases which has been overdue and we definitely recognise that. So that's one thing that we're looking forward to teachers being and signs that for teachers it's over and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for our teachers."

Donalyn Dela Cruz.