25 Apr 2013

Barrick Gold in PNG criticised for remediation programmes for rape victims

1:43 pm on 25 April 2013

The co-founder of an NGO which monitors the activities of the Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold has blasted the company over its remediation programme for rape victims of security staff at its Porgera mine in Papua New Guinea.

Natalie Lowrey of ProtestBarrick.net says Barrick's remediation programme aimed at women in Porgera gang raped by mine security staff requires that victims sign away future rights to sue in exchange for receiving redress.

Ms Lowrey accuses Barrick of taking advantage of uneducated women by having them sign away their rights without independent legal council.

She dismisses Barrick's programme as a mere public relations program which does nothing to alleviate the suffering of the women raped by Barrick's guards.