25 Apr 2013

Marshalls atoll seeks donor for water project

2:29 pm on 25 April 2013

The local government advisor for the drought-stricken Marshall Islands atoll of Watje is calling for international donors to help fund a new water catchment for the atoll.

The President, Christopher Loeak, yesterday declared a drought in the northern islands, and sent a reverse osmosis unit to help provide water for the short term.

The advisor for Watje, Lowell Alik, says the atoll hasn't seen any significant rainfall since last year and some residents' water supplies are reaching a critical level.

"Watje has faced this dry season all the time. It's a normal thing. But this year happens to be very alarming. We didn't expect it to come to this. You know, didn't expect it to be this bad."

Lowell Alik says the mayor plans to build a community catchment that can hold up to 400,000 thousand litres of water, but needs a donor to help fund the project.