25 Apr 2013

CNMI Hospital CEO told to leave job by Monday

7:14 pm on 25 April 2013

The Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation in the Northern Marianas, Juan Babauta, has been told to leave his job by Monday.

The governor, Eloy Inos, has sent Mr Babauta a termination letter effective from the 29th of April.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says his contract doesn't expire until July, but the Governor and hospital board have been dissatisfied with the way he has managed the territory's only hospital.

He says Mr Babauta has struggled to bring in revenue for the cash-strapped public hospital, among other issues.

"The last straw was when there was supposed to be a board meeting of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation and instead of going there he went to Tinian. Aside from that the board has been dissatisfied with his leadership, he wasn't totally honest with them when it came to payment of the hospital staff (or) the number of doctors that remained at the Commonwealth Health Centre. So, the CHC's board found it fit to just have him terminated."

Mark Rabago says Esther Muna will take over as the hospital's interim CEO while a search for a new leader takes place.